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The Most Complete and Customizable WordPress Theme

Qualia is modern and simple multi-purpose WordPress Theme. It has tons of features and customizations which enable you to create a brand new site with unlimited possibilites.

Rich Theme Options

Qualia has a rich theme options panel on the admin page. It has all the configurations you need, from changing site preferences, layouts, assets management, social media management, etc. It’s also simple to use and understand from the beginning. Every details comes with a nice description line which makes you familiar to it.


Customize From Head to Toe

“The Most Customizable WordPress Theme” is not just our bluff, we really mean it. With Qualia, you can customize all parts of your page: top header, header, sub header, contents, footer, and copyright bar. See our Sections page which will explain more about general customization you can make on every section. For the whole page itself, you can choose whether to use full width layout, or boxed layout, or boxed spaced layout.

1. Top Header

  • Free custom top header text
  • top header menu
  • Social media links

2. Header

  • 3 available layouts
  • Alternative Logo, to match light or dark color set
  • Custom header’s height, you might want to have a long header to make room for your vertical logo)
  • Floating header
  • Header search
  • Header shopping cart

3. Sub Header

  • 3 available layouts
  • Breadcrumb
  • Custom Background Image in every page
  • Disabled Sub Header
  • Top & Bottom Spacing

4. Contents

  • Sidebar position
  • Multiple sections page template
  • One page template
  • Top & bottom spacing
  • Custom background image

5. Footer

  • Divide footer columns and offsets
  • Up to 6 widget area

6. Copyright

  • Custom free copyright text
  • Copyright menu
  • Social media links


Unlimited Color Schemes

Unlike the other themes, which are only capable to stick on two color schemes (dark and light), using Qualia you can have unlimited color combinations on your page, every page! Maybe you need a dark scheme on the top (header) – light scheme on the content section – and give a hue contrast on the bottom part (footer). You can have it in easy clicks using Qualia.

We have developed a new system which makes it easy for everyone to have turn their site into bright colorful website. We are aware that a website should follow your branding identity, that’s why we give you the freedom to make unlimited the color combinations. You can assign a specific color sets to every part of you page: header, content, footer, etc. All the components inside the section will follow the color set rules. No need to assign custom color to every components.


Full Typography Control

We are fully aware that typography really matters! Again, Qualia gives you the freedom to set the whole typography settings on your site. It’s not only capable to configure body and heading typography, but you can also configure navigation links, blockquote, button, and other typography settings.

The configuration itself is really complete. You can choose among 600 Free Google Fonts and if you want to have your premium fonts used on your site, you can upload it into Qualia too. Other than that, you can also configure the font weight, font style, character subset, font size, line height, and letter spacing.


One Page Site

Need more simple website without much navigation and pages? You can activate our “One Page” template on your page. Your page would be automatically transformed into an one page website. Optionally you can activate the page preloader to show a nice loading bar with animation while your page being loaded into the browser. Please see our Home One Page example to see how it works.

3 Header Layouts

We know that every sites have different needs on how big and complex their logo and header menus will be. For that purpose we have bundled 3 header layouts in the theme. Your site might have a simple header on the center, or you want to have more complex header on the right / left.


4 Blog Layouts

Qualia comes with 4 available blog layouts. You can choose the classic style, or big timeline style, or masonry grid layout. If you need a smaller version you can use mini blog layout which you might put on a small column.


Exclusive Portfolio Module

Qualia is bundled an exclusive portfolio module. It gives you freedom to put any kind of your works, whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, musician, architect, beauty artist, etc. The module has a lot of customization:

Portfolio Grid Options

  • 4 info models
  • 2-5 columns
  • Grid gap space
  • 4 pagination models
  • Portfolio category filters

Portfolio Single Page

  • Sidebar position
  • Details position
  • Images Presentation: image slider or stacked

Dynamic and Queryable Metadata

  • You can add unlimited metadata
  • You can incorporate any shortcode to the metadata value (buttons, google maps, list, etc)
  • You can make your metadata queryable (for advanced use)


Exclusive Animation Module


[animation effect=”rotate-to-360deg-anchor-middle-center” duration=”72s” trigger=”loaded” delay=”0s” iteration=”infinite” timing=”linear” fill_mode=”forwards” class=”qualia-clock-element”]clock-hour[/animation][animation effect=”rotate-to-360deg-anchor-middle-center” duration=”6s” trigger=”loaded” delay=”0s” iteration=”infinite” timing=”linear” fill_mode=”forwards” class=”qualia-clock-element”]clock-minute[/animation]


Qualia is bundled with an exclusive animation module. It allows you to animate every component on the page. It can be a paragraph, an image, or even a block of shortcodes. It comes with a lot of configurations: the animation effect, trigger, delay, iteration, timing function, etc. The animating clock on the left is one of the example how you could implement some unique thing using the animation module.

Please browse other pages in this demo site, you will find other animated components in some pages. If you want to learn more about our animation module please visit the animation shortcode page.

WooCommerce Integration

Qualia is bundled with WooCommerce Integration with some additional features out of the box. Once you activate the WooCommerce plugin, you can directly sell your products without worrying about the styles and stuffs. We also included some new customization:

Call for Price Mode

In case you have a product with dynamic pricing or more complex than that, you might want to activate “Call for Price” mode. This mode will drive people to contact you personally to buy your product instead of directly purchasing the product on site. Optionally you can set a custom action page with an appropriate contact form.


Custom Image Ratio

Product thumbnail is very important and you want your product to look well on the best image proportion. Therefore Qualia has a nice option to configure your image ratio. You can have a wide / landscape image or choose a portrait image for your products. This way, your images won’t be cut off while uploading them into WordPress.


Additional Account Pages

Account pages usually consist of “Dashboard”, “Edit Address”, “Edit Account”, “View Order”, and “Logout”. Using Qualia, you can add a new account page, which you can insert any shortcode you have into the page. You can add as many pages as you like into the account pages.


SEO Friendly

Built using the best practices nowadays, Qualia is really SEO friendly. This feature will help your site to be crawled better by search engines. It also uses some of Google Rich Snippets which may increase your visibilityon the search engine results.


Icons Integration

Qualia is also bundled with 435 ready-to-use icons from Font Awesome and SocMed icon font. It’s integrated out of the box and you can easily embed these icons into your pages.


Advanced Navigation Menu

Having all plain menu items on the header is not really eye-catching. You might need something that drives more attention from user. Qualia makes it possible to put a button menu on your menus and also an icon menu in case you want it even simpler. Also, if a menu has a very long sub menus, you can activate our mega menu mode, which you can set its number of columns by yourself.



Multi-Language & Translation

Qualia is support translation into other languages and bundled with an example po/mo files for easier translation. Switching to your own language will not need any coding knowledge. In case you need to run multiple languages at once, Qualia is also fully optimized for the WPML plugin. All text string options can be translated into each language.

Instant Demo Data

You might found it hard to set up a site the way this demo site looks like by yourself. We have included demo content XML which you can import from your site. The demo content XML includes all these demo site pages. It can speed up your works, import the demo content XML, edit to fit your needs and your site is ready to launch!

Free Support & Updates

Once you purchase Qualia, you get lifetime support and updates for the theme. We are very dedicated to offer the best support and our clients agreed with that. Our support forum has grown into a good community where not only our staffs but also our users are willing to help each other as well.


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